Not an easy job.


Well anyone who’s a mom would know exactly what I mean when I say motherhood isn’t easy. It’s not just a whole new world of diapers, burps, breastfeeding, endless poop and persistent howling but also a phase of thousands of difficult choices.

  • Work OR Stay at Home
  • Stay at home for sometime OR Forever
  • Nursery OR Nanny
  • Breastfeed OR Formula
  • Co-sleeping OR Cot
  • Mom’s Advice OR Mom-in-law’s

The list is endless.

No matter what you choose, you will be criticised to no extent. It’s a part of mommy hood, this endless critique and uninvited advice. From your watchman to your boss everyone provides expert inputs whether they have kids of their own or not. Anything wrong with the kid is absolutely a mother’s fault, if she was at home, she was being careless and if she was at work..well…she’s never around!

Add to this your own guilt of never being able to do enough. The other children always seem to sleep better, eat better, speak more words and look healthier somehow!

Note to self Рtake it easy mommy! Enjoy this phase of hard work, cluelessness  and constant critique. Your lil bundle will never be this lil again.